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Unlimited Design Subscription: Web, Graphic & UI/UX Solutions

Premium Design Agency Services. Pause or Cancel anytime.

The Process Explained: What You Receive

Top-Quality Design and Unlimited Revisions.

Request Designs

Register for a plan and enjoy the benefit of making unlimited design requests through our dashboard.

Receive Designs

Receive your designs within a few business days through our dashboard, available from Monday to Friday.

Free Revisions

Our team will refine the designs and engage in back-and-forth collaboration through our dashboard until you are fully satisfied.

Unlocking Your Design Potential: The Full Spectrum of Benefits

Fixed Pricing Structure

Transparent Monthly Subscription: Pay a consistent rate every month. No contracts, with the flexibility to pause or cancel at any time.

Ultra-Fast Delivery

Avoid the hunt for agencies or the perfect freelancer. Bypass the constant back-and-forth and receive work at unprecedented speeds!

No Meetings, Superior Design

Not a fan of meetings? Same here. All communication happens through your dedicated board.

Optimize Your Tasks

Focus on One Task at a Time: Unlimited Requests and Revisions.

Exceptional Quality

Outstanding Design Quality, Available Whenever You Need It.

Distinctively Yours

Every design is uniquely crafted for you and entirely yours.

Our Standard Package: Annual Cost of $48k

Your One-Stop Design Shop: We've Thought of Everything You Need.

Hiring A Designer in the US

Eliminate the challenges of recruiting, training new hires, and managing fluctuating workloads by leveraging our experienced designers.

$52,000 - $156,000

UI/UX, Apps, Websites, Graphics & Beyond

Design Excellence Unleashed: From Branding to Figma, Logos & Beyond


Figma design


Logo design

Graphic design

UX Improvements

Brand book

Motion graphics


UI kit

Landing pages


UX research

Marketing websites



Web apps


Scale Smartly: Embrace Lean and Agile Growth

Full Design Team Power, Single Employee Cost. Quick Turnaround, No Contracts, No Surprises.

Standard Membership

Single Request at a Time. Pause or Cancel at Any Time.
Start Here
cancel any time.
1 request at a time
Average 48 hour delivery
Unlimited brands
Unlimited users
Pause or cancel anytime

Pro Membership


Double Request at a Time. Pause or Cancel at Any Time.
Start Here
cancel any time.
Unlimited requests
Up to 7 projects
1-3 business days turnaround
Dedicated client success manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer?

Excellent query! Employing a full-time senior designer incurs an annual expense exceeding $110,000, not to mention additional benefits. Moreover, there's the possibility of not having sufficient tasks to fully engage them, leading to wasted resources on downtime. Our monthly subscription model offers the flexibility to pause and resume as per your needs, ensuring you're only investing in design services when absolutely necessary.

Design delivery time?

Most requests are completed within 48 hours; however, more complex tasks may take a bit longer.

What if I only have a single request?

No worries. Pause your subscription when you're set and resume later as needed. Your subscription's value is preserved, ensuring no loss for unused time.

Is there a maximum number of requests I can make?

Once subscribed, you're free to submit as many design requests as you like, which will be addressed in sequential order.

How does this work?

After subscribing, you will be integrated into our dashboard, accessible through the login link either in the navigation bar at the top or in the footer below. Simply log in, follow the steps to submit your request, and expect your first deliverable within 1 to 3 business days, depending on the task's complexity. Communication will be maintained through comments, Slack, and Figma comments to guarantee that the final product meets your expectations.

Can other people from the company submit design requests?

Absolutely, you can include an unlimited number of team members on your design board.

In which programs do you do your designing?

Figma serves as the main instrument for executing the majority of requests.

What is the process for making design requests?

Digital Solutions Design: offers extensive flexibility for design requests via our custom dashboard. Clients typically submit their needs through our dashboard use, sharing Google Docs or wireframes, or providing briefs via Loom videos. In essence, any shareable or linkable content in our dashboard is welcomed.

What if the design doesn’t meet my expectations?

Rest assured! We'll adjust the design until it meets your full satisfaction.

Is there a refund policy if I’m not satisfied with the service?

Given the premium quality of our services, we do not offer refunds.